Theft Protection

What is Theft Protection Plan?

If your phone is stolen, you can buy a new phone by paying just 50% of the invoice value.

Who is eligible to claim?

Customer who has purchased value added pack, theft protection at the time purchasing handset only will be eligible to claim theft protection on producing the documents mentioned below.

What is Theft Protection Plan?

How to register theft of your phone?

You will have to lodge a complaint at the nearest police station and collect the FIR.

You will also have to visit your service provider to block the SIM and collect the acknowledgement for the same.

Visit the nearest Sangeetha store with the FIR copy, complaint copy & Duplicate SIM Acknowledgement within 48 hrs of receiving the FIR.
Write to us within 48 hours of receiving the FIR along with the necessary documents losing your phone with the same documents along with Claim form

Where can I get the claim forms?

Customers can collect the claim forms from the nearest Sangeetha store or can download online here.

What are the documents to be uploaded to support your theft claim?

  • Claim form
  • Copy of written police complaint
  • Theft declaration form
  • Police FIR
  • SIM blocking proof
  • Specimen signature ID proof
  • Original invoice
  • If SIM is registered with other than insured, then customers are supposed to submit ID proof of the SIM owner along with relationship establishing document as proof.

How is the claim processed?

  • Once the claim is submitted successfully, a confirmation screen is shown to the customer.
  • On successful submission, the customer will receive a reference number which is will used for further communication.
  • Once the documents are received and verified, customers will receive a message of approval/rejection with customer details.

If your claim is approved, what is next?

If your claim for theft is approved by Sangeetha, the customer can visit the nearest Sangeetha store to purchase a new device.


The customer is also supposed to have a copy of approval mail to purchase a new device.


The customer can only purchase the same phone model by paying just 50% of the cost.

Note: The new phone taken will not be protected for a price drop, physical damage, or theft.

FAQ'S Theft Protection [TP]

Theft Protection [TP] is an exclusive offer to Sangeetha customers, wherein Sangeetha assures customer to buy a new phone by paying just 50% of the invoice value,If your phone is stolen.

Terms & Conditions

A digital mobile phone/tablet (excluding charger, battery on stand-alone basis and all other accessories) as evidenced by relevant proof of purchase, provided that it has legal IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Identification / Serial Number and it is fitted and used with a SIM Card(being a card or medium carrying the Owners identity, use of which in conjunction with the Equipment and enables calls to be charged to the Owner's account) issued to the Owner/Owner's spouse/ Owners dependent children; from the time the Owner legally purchased the phone for valid consideration and at the same time opted to be covered under the scheme of THEFT PROTECTION.

Specific Condition

In the event of any THEFT which might give rise to a claim under the SWIFT THEFT PROTETION PLAN you shall:
Notify Sangeetha mobiles Pvt. Ltd. as soon as possible [24 hours]
Provide all information and documentary evidence with respect to the claim as Sangeetha Mobiles Pvt. Ltd. may reasonably require, box & accessories are mandatory.

Main Exclusion under THEFT PROTECTION PLAN:

Willful act or willful neglect or gross negligence of the customer
Theft, when kept in two wheeler

Depreciation Rates:

The liability of the Company shall in no case exceed 50% of the cost the phone
PROTECTION PLAN Excess: 1% of the Cost of the phone Subject to Minimum of Rs. 250/- (Amount will be deducted in Claim Amount)
The claim settlement in case of Total loss will be done by Sangeetha Mobile Gift Voucher/Credit Note
Maximum of 1 claim allowed under the program up to the limit of the 50% of the cost of the phone during 365 day period from the date of invoice.