Screen Protection

Claiming Process & Terms & Conditions - Screen Protection

  • No claim shall be eligible under this plan if claimed within 7Days from the date of invoice.
  • Claim request to be raised as per Invoice details only.
  • Claim should be registered only through servify App (Call to Servify Toll-free Number 1800 123 333 888 (From registered details) if any discrepancy).
  • Post registration of Claim, Handset shall be picked up within 2 working days (If not write a mail with details to &
  • Only below brands are eligible for this plan (Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Honor, Nokia, Motorola & Apple)
  • Discounted & Plan Non-Tagged invoices shall not be eligible for this offer.

Apple Screen Protection Plan Claim Process

  • Here's a stepwise guide for a customer to raise an iPhone screen protection claim successfully
  • Step 1: Customer logs in to Servify App or Servify Consumer Portal and raises a screen damage claim.
  • Step 2: Within 4 business hours the claim request is confirmed*
  • Step 3: Customer can now schedule a pickup request for their damaged iPhone or Customer can select the nearest ASP to submit their iPhone for repair.
  • Step 4: iPhone will be repaired within specified TAT and customer will be notified of every stage change.
  • Step 5: Repaired unit is delivered to Customer.

Sample Flow of the Claim Process

  • Choose the location to find Service options - Find the Authorized Service Centre
  • Choose the service centre of your choice - Select the mode and the location of your service centre
  • Confirm request - Once you have found and selected your service center, confirm your request for the claim process
  • Get real-time repair status update - Once your request has been confirmed, you will be able to track your request with the Reference ID provided during claim request confirmation.
  • Once your phone is repaired you need to return the temporary replacement iPhone.
  • After the estimation of the repair, you will have to make a payment of a nominal amount as a mandatory admin fee, This payment can be made online.
  • At the end of your service, you will be asked to rate the experience of the service you received with your iPhone screen replacement.