Price Drop Protection

What is Price Drop Protection?

If the price of the phone you bought drops within 30 days of purchase, Sangeetha will credit back the difference amount.

What is an official Price drop?

An official announcement or advertisement of price drop by Brands will only be considered as an official price drop.

How will the price drop be announced?

The phone brands will announce the price drop of a particular model through an email or advertisement.

What is the validity of the price drop protection announcement?

The price drop claim for a customer will be valid only for the initial 7 days from day of announcement of the price drop via Sangeetha Care App Notification.

What is not considered as a price drop?

Discounts offered by retailers’ offline or online are not official price drops. Prices calculated under exchange offers are not considered as a price drop. Also, products on the sell-out scheme will not be protected under the price drop plan. Time duration to consider a price drop: The price drop should happen within a maximum of 30 days from the date of purchase.

How will Sangeetha customers know if there is a price drop?

  • • Sangeetha will communicate official price drop to its customers through Sangeetha Care App Notification
  • • Communication will be made to the details provided on the invoice only.
  • • Customers will receive Sangeetha Care App Notification.
  • • So customers are hereby requested to provide correct mobile number and email during the billing process.
  • • The communication sent to the customer through Sangeetha Care App Notification will have UNIQUE alphanumeric code.

How to redeem the price drop amount?

  • • Customers who visit any Sangeetha stores for a price drop claim should show the UNIQUE code for verification purpose.
  • • The cashier at the store will then enter the unique code to check the price drop amount the customer is eligible for.
  • • The customer can redeem the price drop credit by purchasing any products towards price drop credit.
  • • If the new purchase value is more than the price drop amount, the customer will have to pay the difference amount. If the product purchased is lesser than the price drop amount, the remaining amount seizes and cannot be carried forward.

FAQ’s Price protection [PP]

Offer: Price protection [PP] is an exclusive offer to Sangeetha customers, wherein Sangeetha assures customer to payback the value of price difference at the time of official price drop.

Note: VAS Trial Pack is not applicable for discounted invoices.

Offer related FAQ:

  • What is Price protection [PP]?
  • Price protection [PP] is an exclusive offer to Sangeetha customers, wherein Sangeetha assures customer to payback the value of price difference at the time of official price drop. Official price drop means drop in price as communicated by the manufacturer on email.

  • What are the conditions for PP claim?
    • Customer should have purchased PP pack.
    • Within the coverage period, there should be official price drop.
    • Customer shall furnish the price drop communication on Sangeetha Care App which notifies with unique code.
    • Customer shall produce ID proof to substantiate customer name and mobile number.
  • Is there any registration requirement to activate this policy?
  • Yes, Add a phone within 48hrs from the date of invoice is mandatory to activate the policy/Claim.

  • Can customer purchase PP after invoice?
  • No, PP can be purchased only on the same invoice. In case of certain special approval during campaign period, then with such written email approval, such cases can be taken separately. Presently, no such approval is given.

  • In case of DOA handsets, how does this policy transfers to new handset?
  • Policy transfer is not required however customer shall furnish both original invoice and DOA replacement invoice to avail the benefit of this policy. Customer shall ensure all details of both invoices are same. That is, same customer name, same models with colour.

  • What are brands covered under this policy?
  • All smart phones brands are covered under this policy except Apple and EOL models.

  • What can customer buy out of Price protection value?
  • The customer can buy any products towards price drop credit.

  • What is timeline for customer to utilize the claim value?
  • Customer has to utilize claim within 7 days from the date of Notifcation received on Sangeetha care App, This can be extended by stores writing email with details to Backend team shall extend this timeline by additional 7 days starting 8th day and ending at 14th day. No extension beyond 14 days [7+7] will be considered.

  • Can a customer avail both Price protection and Damage protection?
  • Yes, customer can avail both Price protection & Damage protection, if both are purchased together.

  • Can a customer avail both assured buy back and Price protection?
  • Yes, customer can avail both Price protection & Assured buyback, if both are purchased together.

  • What are the offers applicable on PP handset?
  • No offers will be applicable on PP handset.

  • In case the handset is purchased under cashback offer, then on what value is % calculated?
  • In cashback cases % is calculated excluding the cash back. Same applies to advance cashback as well.

  • Mention step by step process for PP?
  • Steps Particulars Person/Team
    Step 1 Price Drop Communication to stores VAS backend team
    Step 2 Price Drop Communication to customer [App Notification] VAS backend team
    Step 3 Store team shall call and invite the customer Store Team
    Step 4 Customer visit the stores and redeems PP claim Store Team
  • What document type to be selected for Price protection?
  • Stores should select IR document “No offer invoice”.

  • When is this price drop communication sent to customer & stores?
  • Every Monday, On price drop between Monday to Sunday will be communicated to stores on Email from & Customers shall be informed through Sangeetha Care App notification on the same day. Unique code shall be sent to customer, which shall be updated in our internal tools at the time of redemption.

  • What are documentation stores should provide to the customer?
  • Stores should ensure Original invoice is printed and given to customer at the time of sale.

    General /Scenarios FAQ

  • Can a customer purchase any handset lesser than the approved PP Claim?
  • Yes, He can purchase any handset of lesser value however balance portion is not refundable.

  • Can a customer claim PP twice on the same invoice?
  • No, PP can be claimed only once on the same invoice.

  • Will customer get cash settlement on PP?
  • No cash settlements.

  • Should customer visit the same store of purchase to claim PP?
  • No, customer can visit any nearest Sangeetha store to claim PP.

  • If customer sells his handset to a second party with Sangeetha invoice, will he be eligible to claim PP?
  • No