Damage protection

What is Sangeetha's Damage protection plan?

With Sangeetha's damage protection plan, if your phone is broken or has undergone any sort of physical damage, you can buy a new phone at half the price.

This is free for 30 days and applicable to all Sangeetha customers. If you want to protect your phone for more than 30 days, you will have to pay a nominal price to protect your phone from physical damages.


You can call us at 080 49397000 Write to us at or Visit your nearest Sangeetha store

What to do with your damaged phone?

Customers will have to submit the damaged mobile phone at any of the Sangeetha stores. Along with the phone customer will also have to submit the accessories and BOX with IMEI stickers.

How do you get new phone?

Customer will have to pay 50% value of the handset value as per the invoice to get new phone. GST charges are applicable for replacement of new phone.

Which model can you buy?

Customers can only buy the same model and same color of the phone bought prior to this.

When and where do damage claim approvals happen?

All physical damage approvals will happen across counters on working days. While Sundays and other holiday, approval will take 24 hours.

FAQ's Damage Protection [DP]

Offer related FAQ:

  • What is Damage protection [DP]?
  • Damage protection [DP] is an exclusive offer to Sangeetha customers, wherein Sangeetha customer is protected from 100% complete phone damages. Sangeetha shall provide immediate replacement for damaged handset with brand new sealed handset subject to DP conditions.

  • What are the conditions for DP claim?
    • Customer is eligible for damage protection on the following condition
    • Claim should be within coverage period.
    • Box (with IMEI) and accessories mandatory.
    • Invoice copy with Damage Protection.
    • Customer ID proof to substantiate customer name and mobile number.
    • Full payment of Customer Payment Value [CPV] as arrived. Usually 50% of handset value as per original invoice.
    • Same model shall be replaced.
  • What are the various DP packs & its pack rates?
    • 1 month pack of 30 days is provided free of cost. It is part of handset price, if any.
    • Value of subscription for other pack shall be determined by Sangeetha. Refer below for rack rates for various dates.
  • Is there any registration required to activate this policy?
  • Yes, Registration of both Customer and Phone is mandatory on “Sangeetha Care – Mobile APP” within 48 Hours from the time of Invoice.

  • How to do claim?
  • Customer shall login into Sangeetha care mobile application either on the same phone or any phone or website. Claim shall made in 3 easy clicks, which consumes less than 5 minutes.

  • Should customer visit the same store of purchase to claim DP?
  • Customer need not visit the same store. Any Sangeetha store will assist in claim settlement.

  • How long does it take to settle the claim at the store?
  • Claim settlement is hassle free process, should be settled within 30 minutes. This is subject to model availability at that specific store. In case of model to be arranged from some other store, then customer shall be intimated accordingly. Customer need not wait at stores.

  • Which are the brands covered under this policy?
  • All smart phone brands are covered under this policy except EOL models as specified by Sangeetha team.

  • 9 What is process for making a claim?
  • Steps Particulars Team Timeline
    Step 1 Customer makes a claim on Sangeetha care app. To make a claim, he need not visit any store. Claim can be raised at his home/office/else where Customer Within Eligible period
    Step 2 Customer to visit any Sangeetha showroom & pay CPV Customer 48 hours from claim time
    Step 3 Store team physically inspects the phone and submits the claim to Sangeetha HO team Store Team Same day
    Step 4 Sangeetha HO team verifies the claim and approve the claim, with Delivery challan [DC]. Backend Same day
    Step 5 Stores hands over the handset to Customer Store Same day
    Step 6 Customer provides feedback Customer Same day
  • In case of non-availability of models in that store, what is the timeline?
  • Stores shall arrange the same model within 3 working days. In case of further delay, alternative model shall be arranged by Sangeetha HO backend team.

  • How is CPV calculated?
  • CPV stands for Customer Payment Value, is calculated as 50% X [Net Basic value of Handset value as per invoice] plus GST on such value. Discount, Cashback, Coupons would be deducted to arrive at NBV. GST is calculated at 18%.

  • On what grounds will the claim be rejected?
  • Claims will not be accepted, if any of the below mentioned reasons
    • Claim date is after coverage date.
    • Without handset box (with IMEI)
    • Phone is sold to any other third party. i.e. customer as per invoice is not the owner.
    • Phone is repaired in any non-authorised service centre
    • Can customer take any model as replacement?
    • No, only same model. Only in case of non-availability of same model, then equivalent model will be issued as replacement suggested by Sangeetha HO backend team.

    • If there is any variation in the prices then will customer get settlement as per the invoice or the present rate?
    • Settlement will be as per the invoice.

    • Can customer claim DP without accessories & Box?
    • No, Accessories and Box with IMEI are mandatory to get claim. However customer can get claim by returning the accessories from the new box (i.e. replaced handset box)

    • What if customer wants to repair his handset and does not want replacement?
    • No, DP does not cover repairs.

    • Will customer get cash settlement for any DP pack?
    • No cash settlements.

    • If customer sells his handset to a second party with Sangeetha invoice, will he be eligible to claim DP?
    • No

    • If the damaged model is not available then what is the option for customer?
    • Equivalent model will be suggested by the backend within 3 working days, else alternative model shall be given on 3rd day. Under no circumstance, it will not exceed 3 working days.

    • What happens if the customer does not visit the stores within 48 hours from the time of claim?
    • Customer can claim once again and visit the stores within 48 hours.

      Generic FAQ: Store related FAQ

    • If the handset is operated by non-authorized service center, is the Claim applicable?
    • DP claim will be rejected, if the handset is operated by non-authorized service center.

    • Can stores sell DP for sold invoice?
    • No, DP can be purchased only on the same invoice.

    • Can a customer avail both Damage protection and price protection, if he has purchased both?
    • Yes, customer can avail price protection upto DP claim date, however customer shall not eligible for PP claim after availing DP claim.

    • Can a customer avail both assured buy back and damage protection, if he has purchased both?
    • No, customer cannot avail both assured buy back and damage protection because if handsets are replaced under AB claim/damaged protection claim, such handset cannot have any offers associated with it.

    • What are the offers applicable on DP (Replacement) handset?
    • No offers will be applicable on DP handset. Unless, it is specifically mentioned.

    • What does customer get out of his 50% payment on invoice value against his DP claim?
    • Customer will get new handset of the same model and colour as replacement.

    • Is this Damage protection applicable on discounted invoice?
    • No, DP is not applicable on discounted invoice unless additional pack specifically purchased.

    • In case the handset is purchased under cashback offer, then on what value is % calculated?
    • In cashback cases % is calculated excluding the cash back. Same applies to advance cashback as well.

    • Can a customer purchase any handset lesser than the approved DP Claim?
    • No, he cannot purchase any other handset but in case, Sangeetha team is unable to provide replacement to the model, then model selected [by Sangeetha HO backend] will be considered as final. Differential amount to be raised as second receipt. [VRV]

    • Can customer take any colour?
    • No

    • On what amount will customer pay GST?
    • GST will be paid on the receipt value.

    • Can customer change his/her invoice details at the time of claim?
    • No, Customer details cannot be modified at the time of claim. If details on invoice found wrong same to get corrected with 48 Hours from the time of Invoice.

    • Can customer claim multiple IMEI?
    • Yes, However customer details to be same as per invoice.

    • What is the time line to utilize the claim after getting claim ID?
    • Within 48 Hours Claim ID to be used at store to get benefit

    • What if customer didn't utilize the claim ID (Generated) within valid period of 48Hours?
    • Same will get lapsed & expired, you can claim it again if the Invoice is eligible to claim and the same is in valid period.

    • Will Customer get GST Invoice for the replacement handset?
    • No, Customer will get Sales DC for replacement handset, GST will be paid only on CPV.

    • In case of Dead on Arrival [DOA] handsets, how does this policy transfers to new handset?
    • Policy automatically transfers however customer shall
      • Furnish both original invoice and DOA replacement invoice to avail the benefit of this policy.
      • Ensure all details as mentioned below are same between invoice for first handset and delivery challan for second handset.
      • Customer name& mobile number
      • Models &colour.
      • Ensure to update new handset details in Sangeetha care mobile application within 48 hours of second phone activation.