Damage protection

What is Sangeetha's Damage protection plan?

With Sangeetha's damage protection plan, if your phone is broken or has undergone any sort of physical damage, you can buy a new phone at half the price.

This is applicable to all Sangeetha customers based on the offer valid the period for 30days in which customer buys the phone. If you want to protect your phone for more than 30 days, you will have to pay a nominal price to protect your phone from physical damages.


Based on Mandatory App registration within 48hrs from the date of invoice, customer if in case required to claim the offer, they have to generate Damage Protection claim ID , i.e DP ID XXXX and visit nearest Sangeetha mobiles store.

FAQ's Damage Protection [DP]

  1. What is Damage protection [DP]?
    Damage protection [DP] is an exclusive offer to Sangeetha customers, wherein Sangeetha customer is protected from 100% complete phone damages.
    1. Complete Mobile Damage protection [DP] is an exclusive offer to Sangeetha customers, wherein Sangeetha customer can opt for either of
      1. Replacement - Replacing the damaged handset with new sealed handset at 50%
      2. Repair & Reimburse - Customer to get HANDSET repaired on their own from ASC & get reimbursed.
    2. DP includes -
      1. 365 days Physical Damage protection
      2. 365 days Liquid damage protection
      3. 365 days Fire protection
      4. 365 days Repair & Reimburse .
  2. What are the conditions for DP claim?
    Customer is eligible for complete 100% protection on the following condition
    1. Customer shall make a claim and return the handsets within coverage period.
    2. Box (with IMEI) and accessories mandatory.
    3. Customer shall produce invoice copy which should clearly mention Damage protection purchase as separate product.
    4. Customer shall produce ID proof to substantiate customer name and mobile number.
    5. Customer shall make payment for 50% of handset value as per original invoice.
  3. What are the various DP packs?
    1. 12 month Pack [365 days from invoice date, including invoice date]
  4. What are pack rate for DP?
    1. Value of subscription for other pack shall be determined by Sangeetha. Refer below for rack rates for various dates.
  5. Is there any registration required to activate this policy?
    Yes, Registration is mandatory on “Sangeetha Care – Mobile APP” within 48Hours from the time of Invoice.
  6. Can customer purchase DP after invoice?
    No, DP can be purchased only on the same invoice.
  7. In case of Dead On Arrival [DOA] handsets, how does this policy transfers to new handset?
    Policy automatically transfers however customer shall
    1. furnish both original invoice and DOA replacement invoice to avail the benefit of this policy.
    2. ensure all details as mentioned below are same between invoice for first handset and delivery challan for second handset.
      • Customer name & mobile number
      • Models & colour.
    3. ensure to update new handset details in Sangeetha care mobile application within 48 hours of second phone activation.
  8. Which are the brands covered under this policy?
    All smart phone brands are covered under this policy except Apple and EOL models as specified by Sangeetha team.
  9. What does customer get out of his 50 % payment on invoice value against his DP claim?
    Customer will get new handset of the same model and brand as replacement.
  10. What is the timeline for customer to utilize the claim value?
    1. Customer has to utilize claim on the same day.
    2. In case of non-availability of models in that store, then the same model shall be made available within 3 working days.
    3. In case of further delay, alternative model shall be arranged.
  11. Can a customer avail both Damage protection and price protection, if he has purchased both?
    Yes, customer can avail both Damage protection & price protection*.
  12. Can a customer avail both assured buy back and damage protection, if he has purchased both?
    No customer cannot avail both assured buy back and damage protection because if handsets are replaced under AB claim/damaged protection claim, such handset cannot have any offers associated with it.
  13. What are the offers applicable on DP handset?
    No offers will be applicable on DP handset.
  14. In case the handset is purchased under cashback offer, then on what value is % calculated?
    In cashback cases % is calculated excluding the cash back. Same applies to advance cashback as well.
  15. Is this Damage protection pack applicable on discounted invoice?
    Yes, DP pack is applicable on discounted invoice provided, DP is purchased with additional payment. On discounted invoice, trial pack will not be applicable.
  16. If the handset is operated by non-authorized service center, is the offer applicable?
    No offer will be applicable, if the handset is operated by non-authorized service center.
  17. Can a customer purchase any handset lesser than the approved DP Claim?
    No, he cannot purchase any other handset but in case, Sangeetha team is unable to provide replacement to the model, then model selected (by backend) will be considered as final. Differential amount to be raised as second receipt. [VRV]
  18. Can customer claim DP without accessories & Box?
    Yes, customer can claim by returning the accessories from the new box (i.e. replaced handset box) however old handset box is mandatory.
  19. Can customer take any model as replacement?
    No, only same model. Only in case of non-availability of same model, then equivalent model will be issued as replacement.
  20. Can customer take any colour?
  21. If the damaged model is not available then what is the option for customer?
    Equivalent model will be arranged by the backend within 3 working days, else alternative model shall be given on 3rd day. Under no circumstance, it will not exceed 3 working days.
  22. If there is any variation in the prices then will customer get settlement as per the invoice or the present rate?
    Settlement will be as per the invoice.
  23. What if customer wants to repair his handset and does not want replacement?
    No, DP does not cover repairs.
  24. Will customer get cash settlement for any DP pack?
    No cash settlements.
  25. Should customer visit the same store of purchase to claim DP?
    No, customer can apply claim through Sangeetha care app and visit any nearest Sangeetha store to get replacement.
  26. If customer sells his handset to a second party with Sangeetha invoice, will he be eligible to claim DP?
  27. On what amount will customer pay GST?
    GST will be paid on the receipt value.
  28. Is there any time limit to take replacement after applying the claim?
    Yes, Customer should visit any of nearest Sangeetha store within 48 hours after generation of Claim ID.

Terms and Conditions: Damage Protection

  1. Same model, same colour will be replaced,
  2. Customer shall pay 50% of invoice value as customer payment value for the claim [GST Applicable],
  3. Things mandatory to get claim approved:
    • Box with IMEI Details
    • Accessories as received in original kit
    • Original Invoice
    • Customer ID proof where details matching as per Invoice
  4. Applicability condition
    • Registered in the app within 48 hours from the time of Invoice.
    • All Brand Smart Phones & Tablets/IPad are eligible except EOL models
  5. Claim conditions
    • Claimed within coverage period
    • Registered & verified customers only
  6. On what grounds will the claim be rejected in case of DP Claims
    For Replacement option -
    • Claim date is after coverage date.
    • Without handset box.
    • Phone is sold to any other third party. I.e. customer as per invoice is not the owner.
    • Phone is repaired in any non-authorized service center.
    • Claim is already availed earlier.
    For Repair Option -
    • Job sheet/serviced invoice is not uploaded within 48hrs of invoice time
    • Name on Invoice, JS/SI/ID proof/Bank Details are not matched.
Detailed / Additional Terms and Conditions:
  1. The Sangeetha Damage Protection [DP] Offer (‘Offer’) is an exclusive offer to Sangeetha customer, wherein Sangeetha assures customer for replacing the same handset model with new at 50% price(GST applicable).
  2. Upon subscribing to the Offer, the customer can enjoy Damage Protection Service at 50% price on Invoice value.
  3. Sangeetha customer may subscribe to the Offer at the time of billing of Invoice by selecting desired offer pack.
  4. The benefits of the offer limited to the subscription period. It shall not be extended for further period.
  5. The Damage Protection is covered for A Brand.
  6. The value of subscription shall be pre-determined by Sangeetha.
  7. The subscription details shall reflect in the Invoice.
  8. The Customer needs to register in Sangeetha Care Application within 48 hours from the time of purchase to avail the benefits of this offer.
  9. In the event a subscriber to the Offer wishes to claim for accidental damage to the device, they may do so via Sangeetha Care mobile application only.
  10. The customer registered under Sangeetha Care Application and verified customer shall only be eligible for claims.
  11. Customer can claim only once per the offer period. Claims can be settled on the same day. In case of non-availability of same model claims shall be settled within 3 working days otherwise alternative model shall be arranged.
  12. Change of handset model shall not be permissible. The Customer shall be replaced with the same model only.
  13. Accidental Damage means all kind physical damage to the mobile handset.
  14. These Terms and Conditions shall constitute an agreement between Sangeetha and each customer and by subscribing to the Offer, customer confirms the provisions of the same and accepts the same as binding upon them.
  15. Sangeetha will be entitled to postpone, suspend, modify or cancel the Offer or any aspect thereof, across the entire territories of service or any part thereof, at any time with or without notice, for any reason, including, but not limited to, acts of God, force majeure, technical difficulties, or any other reasons beyond Sangeetha’s reasonable control. If Sangeetha suspends or cancels the Offer, all aspects of the Offer shall be null and void. Sangeetha will not be liable to compensate any customer for any postponement or cancellation or for any reason directly or indirectly arising out of this Offer.
  16. The Customer shall act in a bona fide manner to make a claim.
  17. Please note that the statements in these terms and conditions do not constitute any general representation from Sangeetha regarding Sangeetha's services or its availability.
  18. Any dispute or claim (contractual or non-contractual) arising out of or in relation to this agreement, including disputes as to its formation, will be governed by and construed in accordance with Indian laws. Subject to the point above, Sangeetha and the customer submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at Bangalore alone.
  19. The Terms and conditions mention here-in are pertain to device damage protection only, under the Sangeetha Damage Protection Plan as provided and Managed by Sangeetha Mobiles Pvt. Ltd. “Sangeetha”.
  20. Customer acknowledges the receipt of the Terms and the Plan Terms, as applicable and agrees to be fully bound by the Terms and the relevant Plan Terms. In the event, the Customer avails benefit under any of the Plan Terms or lodges a claim, the Customer shall deemed to have accepted the Terms unconditionally.
  21. Customer shall be shown Agreed Value at the time of subscribing to the Plan. This shall be accepted by the Customer prior to subscribing the Plan and shall not be changed at a later date under any circumstances
  22. Further, the Customer has and hereby consents to allow the use of the Personal Information by Sangeetha for the purposes of providing the various services under the Plan(s) offered by Sangeetha. Sangeetha respects the privacy of the Customer and the confidentiality of Customer’s Personal Information so collected by Sangeetha by itself or on its behalf and shall take all reasonable steps to protect it and maintain its confidentiality.
  23. The Customer also hereby consents to the Personal Information being disclosed by Sangeetha if required by law.
  24. Customer failed to meet the Terms and/or the Plan Terms, or to act in good faith, openly, honestly and in a bona fide manner towards Sangeetha including by providing false or inaccurate information shall not be eligible for claim.
  25. The Customer expressly and without limitation, consents to Sangeetha for recording phone calls between the Customer and Sangeetha on the helpline numbers set out in the relevant Plan Terms in order for Sangeetha to inter alia (i) provide a record of the instructions received from the Customer, (ii) allow itself to monitor quality standards, (iii) training purposes, and (iv) abide legal and regulatory requirements.
  26. The Customer shall take all reasonable precautions for the safety and protection of the mobile handset at all times.
  27. Damage caused through liquid logging is not covered under Damage Protection.
  28. Loss of mobile handset resulting from or caused by theft, or attempted theft from unlocked vehicles or rooms shall not be covered under this plan.
  29. Any type of cosmetic damages like scratches, chipping of paint, minor dents and bents not affecting the performance and usability of the device is not covered under this plan.
  30. Sangeetha shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential, exemplary, special or indirect damages (including, but not limited to, loss of profits, revenues, data and/or use) to the customer. Sangeetha disclaims all implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. Sangeetha’ s total liability to the customer under the Terms and/or the relevant Plan Terms shall not exceed the Plan Fee.
  31. Sangeetha collectively reserves the right to amend the Terms and/or the Plan Terms and/or the features or pricing of the Plans.
  32. For any customer queries please call 080-49397000 write in to us at

Process flow

  1. Activation process:
    1. Customer registration: Customer shall register himself into “Sangeetha Care” mobile application immediately after purchase.
    2. Phone registration: Customer shall click on “Add a phone” option and update the details as per invoice immediately after invoice.
    3. Maximum timeline for registration is 48 hours from the time of invoice. Post such timeline, customer cannot register and thus shall not be eligible for benefits.
    4. Post Phone registration, details shall be verified with internal data and confirm the registration as “Verified registration”.
    5. In case of any discrepancies on the above, customer shall contact the customer care within 48 hours and resolve such discrepancies.
  2. Claim process – Replacement Process
    1. Customer shall click on “Make a claim” option on Sangeetha care app. Customer shall be entitled to make a claim either in his own device or any other devices. He can also log into web portal with same credentials for claim.
    2. Customer shall update the details as required in Make a claim form. Post submission of the form, claim submission number shall be given on the App. This will also be sent on customer’s registered mobile number.
    3. Customer can visit any Sangeetha showroom and communicate the claim submission number to the store personnel. Customer makes the differential payment.
    4. Store personnel then physically inspects the phone & others vis-à-vis claim form filed and confirm the accuracy by submitting claim once again & approve the claim immediately.
    5. Customer shall collect new sealed handset of the same model & also is furnished with new fresh tax invoice for replaced claim handset.
    6. Customer can provide feedback by registering the same on new handset thus given.
  3. Claim process – Repair Process

  4. Steps Particulars Person / Team Timeline
    1 Generate claim ID, visit stores, pay processing fee of Rs.500/- Customer Within Eligible period
    2 Sangeetha Store team will guide on further steps. Store team Customer visit in 48hrs
    3 Customer to visit nearest Authorized Service center Customer same day
    4 Upload Job sheet received from Authorized Service center on App. Customer within 48hrs of Job-sheet
    5 Backend Team will verify & Confirm on Job sheet through App Notification. VAS team Same day
    6 Upload Service Invoice received from Authorized Service center along with Bank Details on App. Customer within 48hrs of Service Invoice
    7 Backend Team will verify & Confirm on Service Invoice through App Notification. VAS team same day
    8 Entire Claim will be Verified & approved to process the refund/td> VAS team same day
    9 Refund to shared bank details based on invoice billed customer, will be processed in 2-3 working days. VAS team Within 2 -3 working days

Documentation & other requirements

  1. Customer and Handset to be registered in “Sangeetha Care – Mobile APP” within 48 Hours of invoice.
  2. Details mentioned in App should be same as per invoice, since the same will be validated for claim eligibility.
  3. Customer name in invoice should be same as per Govt. issued ID Proof.
  4. Customer should make a claim within validity period, else claim is not eligible.
  5. Original Invoice Copy to be maintained for reference.
  6. Valid customer ID Proof to be submitted at the time of claim (as per point 3 referred above).
  7. Damaged Handset to be submitted.
  8. Box with IMEI Details along with accessories.
  9. Policy is non transferrable. Customer details as per invoice shall be same as in other documents, job sheet, service invoice, customer bank account.
  10. Only one claim is permitted. Either repair or replacement.
  11. Box with IMEI sticker and original accessories are mandatory. IMEI no should be visible on box these should be returned along with damaged handset after the claim in case of replacement.
  12. Customer shall produce invoice copy which should explicitly state DP pack purchase.
  13. Full payment of Customer Payment Value [CPV] or repair processing fee to be collected.
  14. In case of repair, Maximum claim value would be 50% of depreciated NBV after reducing GST.
  15. Handset should not be repaired earlier in non-authorized service center.
  16. EOL model are not covered, Doc type EL will not be eligible.
  17. Replaced handset shall not be eligible for DP.
  18. Customer TAT to be adhered fully.
    1. Job sheet to be updated within 48 hours of receiving job sheet.
  19. Service Invoice to be updated within 48 hours of receiving service invoice.