assured buy back

Assured Buy Back

What is Assured Buy Back?

If a customer wishes to exchange his/her mobile phone purchased from Sangeetha mobiles, he/she can visit the Sangeetha store along with the following items:

  1. mobile phone,
  2. box and packing,
  3. accessories,
  4. invoice copy
  5. identification and address proof

The customer with all the above items intact can exchange their phone at Sangeetha store under the following conditions:

  • Assured Buy Back of 80%

    If you walk-in for an exchange within 30 days of the date of purchase. Sangeetha will buy back your phone for 80% its value.

  • Assured Buy Back of 50%

    If you want to exchange your within 365 days of purchase, Sangeetha will buy back your phone for 50% its value, provided all the requirements are approved. The checklist for a buyback will be as follows:

    • The physical condition of the handset
    • Invoice copy
    • ID proof
    • Accessories
    • Box and packing
    • The handset should be working in mint condition

Note: In case, you are not able to provide accessories/ box and packing in original condition, a 10 percent will be deducted from the buyback value.