Assured Buy Back

What is Assured Buy Back?

If a customer wishes to exchange his/her mobile phone purchased from Sangeetha mobiles, he/she can visit the Sangeetha store along with the following items:

  • mobile phone,
  • box and packing,
  • accessories,
  • invoice copy
  • identification and address proof

The customer with all the above items intact can exchange their phone at Sangeetha store under the following conditions:

Assured Buy Back [ABB] is an exclusive offer to Sangeetha customers, wherein Sangeetha assures customer for buy back for all brand model’s current prevailing price for 365 days & 730 Days

There is no cooling period for claim, Customer can avail the benefit based on below slabs & conditions -

Claim % Months Days
80% 0-3M 90days
70% 3-6M 180days
50% 6-12M 365days
30% 18M 545days
20% 24M 730days

The Checklist/Conditions for a buyback will be as follows:

  • The physical condition of the handset
  • Invoice copy
  • ID proof
  • Accessories
  • Box and packing
  • The handset should be in working neat & saleable condition
  • What is Assured Buy Back [AB]?
  • Assured Buy Back [AB] is an exclusive offer to Sangeetha customers, wherein Sangeetha assures customer for buy back at agreed rate.

  • What is the value of buy back?
    • Assured 80% from 0 to 90 days with Diagnostic
    • Assured 70% from 91 to 180 days with Diagnostic
    • Assured 50% from 181 to 365 days with Diagnostic
    • Assured 30% from 365 to 545 days with Diagnostic
    • Assured 20% from 545 to 730 days with Diagnostic
  • What are the conditions for AB?
    • Customer shall return the handsets within coverage period.
    • Handset shall not be damaged in any aspect. Even single scratch shall not be accepted. Dent/bend of any kind shall not be accepted.
    • Box with IMEI detail and accessories mandatory.
    • Customer shall produce invoice copy which should clearly mention assured buyback purchase.
    • Customer shall produce ID proof to substantiate customer name and mobile number.
    • For claims within customer shall produce all packing materials/users manual etc
  • What if customer does not have users-manual/packing materials?
  • In case, customer is unable to provide users-manual/packing materials, He shall be entitled for 50% value from 0 to 180 days.

  • On what value % are calculated?
  • % Values are calculated on current price [CP]. Customer can ask for stores to provide quotation for CP

  • Is there any registration requirement to activate this policy?
  • Registration of customer and IMEI in Sangeetha Care App is mandatory along with assured buy back item on invoice.

  • Can customer purchase AB after invoice?
  • No, AB can be purchased only against invoice. In case of certain special approval during campaign period, then with such written email approval, such cases can be taken separately. Presently, no such approval is given.

  • In case of DOA handsets, how does this policy transfers to new handset?
  • Policy transfer is not required however customer shall furnish both original invoice and DOA replacement invoice to avail the benefit of this policy. Customer shall ensure all details of both invoices are same. That is, same customer name, same models with colour.

  • What are brands covered under this policy?
  • All smart phones under the brand

  • In case the handset is purchased under cashback offer, then on what value is % calculated?
  • In case of cashback cases % is calculated excluding the cash back amount.

  • On what basis are the AB Claim Amount is calculated?
  • AB is claimed on current price

    Ex: If customer has purchased handset at Rs 11,800/- [Handset value of 10,000 + GST of 1,800] and the Claim is made after 60 days from the date of invoice, then Quotation for same model on present day is Rs 11,800/-. He wants to purchase Handset value Rs17,700/- [Handset value of 15,000 + GST of 2700], then claim value would be Rs 8000/- [60% of quotation value of 11,800/-] and balance receipt value would be Rs 9700/- [17700 – 8,000]

  • What can customer buy out of assured buyback value?
  • Customer can buy mobile, Accessories or anything else available at Sangeetha provided everything is billed in the same invoice.

  • What is timeline for customer to utilize the claim value?
  • Customer has to utilize claim on the same day. In case of non-availability of models, then VAS backend shall ensure handset is given to customer within 3 working days, else alternative model shall be arranged.

  • Can a customer avail both assured buy back and price protection?
  • Yes, customer can avail both price protection first & then assured buy back.

  • Can a customer avail both assured buy back and damage protection?
  • No customer cannot avail both assured buy back and damage protection because if handsets are replaced under AB claim/damaged protection claim, such handset cannot have any offers associated with it.

  • What are the offers applicable on assured buy back handset?
  • No offers will be applicable on assured buy back handset.

  • If the handset is operated by non-authorized service center, is the offer applicable?
  • No offer will be applicable, If the handset is operated by non-authorized service center.

  • Can a Customer club two AB claim for his 2nd Purchase?
  • Yes he can club two AB claim for 2nd Purchase, However both AB claim should be on the same date.

  • Can a Customer claim AB in any of the Sangeetha Stores?
  • Yes, He can claim in any of Sangeetha Stores

  • Can the claim amount be refunded in cash?
  • No cash can be refunded in any of the cases.

  • What are the step by step process for Assured Buy Back?
  • Steps Particulars Person/Team Timeine
    Step 1 Generate Claim ID, visit stores, Pay CPV Customer Within Eligible period
    Step 2 Check claim ID and claim details Store team 72 hours from claim time
    Step 3 Accept & approve claim by taking SR Store team Same day
    Step 4 Generate coupon code [SCV] Store team Immediately
    Step 5 Invoice new handset Store team Immediately