Why Should Someone Buy 5G Handsets?


    Over the past two years, There has been a lot of buzz around 5G phones, 5G compatible phoneswhat phones have 5G, and what phones support 5G. However, people still are a bit confused regarding what is 5G and how it can affect their lives.  This article presents a thorough explanation of all these aspects. 


What is 5G? 

    The 5th generation of the mobile network is known as 5G. It is a new standard for the wireless network after the 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. This new wireless network enables the virtual connection between everything including devices, objects, and machines. 


    The design of the 5G wireless technology offers consistent user experience, increased availability, and massive network capacity. It also provides high reliability, ultra-low latency, and multi-Gbps peak data speeds. Higher productivity and performance improvements are expected to enable new user interfaces and bind new industries. 


    5G technology is better than its predecessors in multiple ways. People are often confused as to which network phone to opt for, 4G or 5G? Here are a few reasons why 5G is better than 4G: 


    • 5G utilizes spectrum more efficiently  compared to 4G 
    • 5G has a more capable unified platform than 4G 
    • 5G has ultra-low latency  compared to 4G 
    • 5G has significantly more capacity  compared to 4G 
    • 5G supports higher speed effectively than 4G 


    Although there is a variety of literature available on the internet regarding the pros and cons of 5G smartphones, many are still left in a dilemma. Here is a comprehensive explanation of the pros and cons of a 5G mobile. 


Pros of 5G Smartphone:

    • Higher Speed 

                Every new wireless network has provided us with higher speeds, and 5G mobiles will push beyond 4G phones’ limitations. The predicted speeds of the 5G network are equivalent to 10 Gbps.  This is a 100x increase in speed since the 4G network. This enhancement in speed will open up novel avenues for both businesses and consumers alike. For instance, transferring a high-resolution video via a 5G smartphone will take a few seconds instead of several minutes on today’s network. Such high speeds will allow you to grab hold of a new movie or TV series in your 5G mobile before the flight attendant requests you to switch your phones to flight mode. 


    • Reduced Latency 

                Latency measures the time a signal takes to travel to the receiver from the source and then back to the source. One of the significant aims while devising each new wireless network has been to reduce the latency. 5G compatible phones will have lower latency  compared to the 4G network. A 5G mobile will take less than five milliseconds to conduct a round-trip of data transmission. This latency will rival human visual processing, allowing  5G compatible phones connect with remote devices in real-time. 


    • Increased Capacity 

                Higher speeds are always exciting. However, industry leaders and analysts have one common question, “How can 5G compatible phones support their technology initiatives?” 


                The 5G network is expected to deliver 1000x more capacity than 4G. Thus it will provide fertile ground for the development of the Internet of Things(IoT). As per analysts and industry experts, IoT and 5G are a perfect match. They provide new grounds to test the limits of the wireless network and, in this process, transform the internet. 5G network will enable higher capacities to connect multiple devices seamlessly, giving rise to novel applications. 


    • Enhanced Bandwidth 

                The higher network capacity coupled with increased speeds on the 5G compatible phones will enable the transmission of larger amounts of data than  4G networks. 


                5G wireless networks are designed differently than the conventional 4G networks. They   allow the smooth handling of usage spikes and enhanced optimisation of network traffic. Crowded venues have often struggled to connect with large audiences. However, 5G networks can make this hurdle wither away.  With 5G, fans can  live stream the ongoing match from any seat in the stadium. 


Cons of 5G Smartphone:

        Although 5G networks are technologically advanced and have surpassed all the hurdles to resolve the radio signal issues and other obstacles, there are still certain shortcomings. These might be due to the lack of technological advancements in certain regions or some other factors. Some of these shortcomings are as follows: 


  •         Businesses and consumers are eager to experiment with the 5G network and experience its benefits. Yet, 5G network coverage is still limited. A majority of  cellular carriers worldwide are gradually deploying 5G networks and are also preparing for widespread rollouts of the network. 


  •         The high-speed claims of the 5G network seem a bit difficult to achieve today owing to the sub-par technological infrastructure across the globe. This will be possible in the future when the infrastructure is well-developed. The development of technological infrastructure will require a large investment of money and time. Thus, it will   be a while until everyone  can experience 5G networks. 


  •         A majority of the old devices have to be replaced with newer 5G compatible phones. This can be an expensive deal for a majority of the population. Also, the security and privacy issues on the 5G network still need some working. This will  cause new updates to be rolled out frequently. These new updates at times might mandate new hardware.  People may need to replace their devices again. 


                Having a clear understanding of what is 5G, the pros, and cons, and their implications are significant when opting for new 5G phones. However, many might still be wondering about what phones have 5G and what phones support 5G. Here is a list of the best 5G phones available in the market today to help you out. 


    • OnePlus 8 Pro 

          OnePlus has come up with a 5G variant of its flagship mobile. OnePlus 8 Pro is one of the best 5G phones available in the market today. The highlight of this phone is undoubtedly its screen, which has a 6.78-inch curved AMOLED display. It has the highest refresh rate compared to all the other smartphones in the market: 120 Hz. This enables the OnePlus 8 Pro to permit smoother interactions. The flagship phone is armed with immense power via 12 GB of RAM and the Snapdragon 865 chipset. 


           There are a ton of features in the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra which make it a worthy competitor among the best 5G phones available today. Some of its exciting features include 5G connectivity, dazzling looks, and specifications to rival the market’s best handsets. The phone also boasts of 16 GB of RAM, enabling users to carry out multiple complex operations smoothly and simultaneously. The quad-lens rear camera has a sharper 10x hybrid optical zoom and 100x digital zoom, which makes clicking professional-quality pictures extremely easy. The only downside of this phone is its price. With all of that considered, this is one of the best 5G phones available today. 


    • Xiaomi MI Mix 3 5G 

        The Xiaomi MI Mix 3 5G, is a durable device with an OLED display of 6.39 inches, encompassed in a bezel-less structure. Its hardware suite, includes a dual rear camera system (24 MP and 2 MP), 256 GB of storage, and 10 GB of RAM. The 5G compatible phone from Xiaomi has turned many heads and is a top competitor in the race of best 5G phones in the market today. 


    • Samsung Galaxy S20 5G 

        The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G represents Samsung’s dedication to usher in the 5G era. If you have access to a 5G network provider, you can easily get your hands-on lightning-fast speeds. The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G has an AMOLED display with the best-in-class refresh rate of 120 Hz. The phone’s impeccable camera, ample storage space, and the Adreno 650 GPU make it a complete package for users. 


        Motorola unveiled this phone in 2020, under a new brand name – the Edge phones – comprising multiple devices. Of all the inclusions under the new brand name, Motorola Edge Plus does stand out as a powerhouse with 5G connectivity. The phone boasts of a 6.7-inch screen and is armed with 12 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 865. The Motorola Edge plus has a display that curves dramatically at its edges, a top-end chipset, a high capacity battery, and a 108 MP camera. Motorola Edge Plus is a lower-priced phone compared to the others in a list.  This phone can be the start of affordable access to the 5G network. 



             This list is by no means complete and is a mere depiction of some of the best 5G compatible phones available in the market today. The future of 5G technology has arrived. With the relentless efforts of cellular service providers, mobile manufacturers, and governments across the globe, there will soon be a paradigm shift in the way people use technology. Innovation has often led society to newer heights. With 5G technology,  new possibilities will be visible soon


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