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Sangeetha Sale

How it Works

1.Pick your phone from our list of discounted phones. The discount has already been applied on them.

For iPhones, you can avail the discount by exchanging your old phone for the discount. Find out more by visiting our exchange offers page. This is only valid on store purchases.
Sangeetha Sale - Exchange Offer

2.To avail of the 20% cashback, select your phone and then follow these steps.

  • Step#1

    Scan the QR code visible to you.

  • Step#2

    Buy the voucher codes worth your product price.Example, if the product cost after discount is Rs.12,000, then buy the vouchers for same value in different dinominations. You can buy for Rs.5000 + Rs.5000 + Rs.2000

  • Step#3

    Add your desired phone to the cartAdd your desired phone to the cart and checkout. Send in your voucher codes to us using checkout process. Select COD in the checkout option.

  • Step#4

    We will validate your codesOn recieving the order, our backend team will validate the voucher codes and process the order.

  • Step#5

    You get your CashbackYou will get the cashback coupons in your PayTM account as soon as the product is delivered to you. Which you can use it for paying your utility bills.

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