Try & Buy

 If you want to try a new phone, no matter how pricey, you can do so at Sangeetha. For 30 whole days, you can use the phone to your heart’s content. If you like it, you can keep it. If you don’t, you can give it back to Sangeetha and paid back 80% of the amount. The only condition is that you give us everything intact, including the box, packaging, accessories and so on. 

Try & Buy is perfect for the customer who wants to try before he buys. It’s perfect for those who want to review new phones on their social media channels but end up selling it at much less value later. It's manna from heaven for geeks who felt let down by certain phones and want to give them back for something better. And then ofcourse, this scheme is perfect for those who have the itch to try every new phone on the market. 

Save money. Try, before you buy.

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