1. Will my order be delivered at the date that i selected while ordering?

  • We do not deliver on national holidays and sundays. The delivery is based on our courier/shipping company. We ensure to meet the date provided, however we will not guarentee it.

2. Can I reschedule an order date?

  • No.

3. How will i know that my order is delivered?

  • We update the order status once every day, usually at the end of our business day. You would be intimated via an email once your order is delivered but not in real time.

4. What if my recipient lives is not in the address mentioned during the delivery time?

  • Our shipping agents handle deliveries. Sometimes they could call you and schedule another time/date. However it is not the case always. We consider the product being sold if nobobdy is present at the given address during the time of delivery. We will not be able to refund your payment in such cases.

5. Is there a price difference between your physcial stores and the online store?

  • Most of our products have the same price. However there are some products which might be priced differently. Check the site frequently for such offers.

6. How can i check my order status?

  • Please log in to the site and check the order status. We keep updating it as and when it moves from one state to another.

7. Why does my credit card statement show a different value than the order value?

  • If you are using a credit card that indicates a transaction in a currency other than INR, there might be a slight variation due the exchange rates. This is normal.

8. Can you gift pack my order ?

  • No currently we do not have such a service.

9. Do you take orders on the phone and payment on delivery?

  • No. Not at the moment.

10. Why are some products in store not in the website and viceversa?

  • Our online and the offline business are handled independantly. There could be significant differences in the product, pricing, availability, offers between these.
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